He is a Minister of thegospel of God’s grace and power. He is sent by the Lord Jesus to reveal the glory of the cross and the place that has brought everyone who believes. His teaching of God’s word is continually helping God’s people discover their identity as sons of God and their irrevocable citizenship in the kingdom of God.

He is the Presiding Minister of Grace Herald Ministry International based in Lagos, Nigeria. His ministry has been training and equipping God’s people grow in the knowledge of God’s word so as to make most out of life. He believes every believer is called to workfor God and as a result must be intentionally trained.

His ministry currently has branches in Ogbomoso, Ilorin, Akure and Lagos

He is also the author of the widely read ‘Streams of Grace Devotionals’, a publication to help believers acquaint themselves with core truth of God’s word on a daily basis.

He believes the word of God should be rich enough to have a transformed society on the long run. This is his picture of a perfect world. Hence the knowledge we get from God’s word must affect and influence our minds and our society.

Apostle Amarhese Uwadiae Charles

Presiding Minister, Grace Herald Minstry International